core reach

Our Core Reach: Companies hungry to catalyze inspired new direction, established KM-cultures seeking to expand by explosive up-leveling, and millennials expectant of new conceptual ideas and a fresh learning experience.

Our illuminate a new breed of achievers dedicated to the continuous attainment of new definitions of... importance, purpose and possibility at a critical time in history.

NDL helps companies build a

"Conscious Workforce America"©




intuitive business analysis...the new normal


Violet Kashewa

   Chief Intuitive Officer


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New Definition Leadership


Human Resources is the gateway!...New Definition Leadership®  Intuitive Business Analysis aligns unseen energy-information resource to anchor opportunities of heightened systems-knowledge leveraging explicit data-analysis. We infuse "wholistic" business empowerment frameworks for new paradigmatic organizational and systems learning. And move companies into the next steps of utilizing transformative power at the forefront of organizational development and business enterprise.

Are you ready to change the game...

and experience a redefined relevancy

of marketplace significance?

Wholistic Business Empowerment

is a vital organized qualitative systems

theory, as a foundation for discovery

and innovation and new benchmarking

approaches.  Within your workplace,

intangible influences can make or

break your company!  But you can't target what you can't see...that's our job!

21st Century

corporate learning programs

Acceleration.. the new normal!"We translate  

SQ-competency and transformational learning in the corporate sector." 

New Definition Leadership® Corporate Learning Programs allow participants to draw upon all forms of knowledge to drive shared success opportunities. As the out-lead facilitator for Implicit Business Intelligence we help Fortune 1000 companies make sense of knowledge-sourcing in a new paradigm of accelerated higher-conductivity in a transformational era of consciousness evolution.