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cutting-edge consciousness

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up with the times of leadership modeling, corporate training, and workforce engagement for 21st Century proficiency. Welcome to the new millennium aptitude and

a fresh learning experience based on global standards of best practice, ethics, and vision for lasting learning advancement in a transformational era.​​​​


Our Workforce Learning Center participants draw upon all forms of knowledge to support discovery, driving shared success. Learn new conceptual ideas, theories, core competencies, and frameworks for wholistic business empower-

ment that capitalize on worker SQ (spiritual intelligence) well beyond EQ. With 8-week and 20-week intensives at multiple enrollment periods and affordable employee subscription rates, workforce investment is easy. 


Helping Fortune 1000 Companies Make Sense of a New Paradigm of Knowledge-Sourcing at Accelerated Higher-Conductivity

We leverage today's knowledge-management culture by unlocking and catalyzing "importance, purpose and possibility" blueprints in your leadership, workforce, and organization...in alignment with the greater needs of society...to reinvent marketplace significance for our clients. Change management with undeniable impact means system-thinking and behavioral elements are anchored well beyond the previous norms of metrics and benchmarking approaches.


​​New Definition Leadership®

​ violet kashewa 

 expert intuitive business analyst


Implicit Business Intelligence©

translation and mapping is for 21st Century companies seeking to take knowledge-sourcing to entirely new levels. Considered by some analysts the hardest to perceive for actionable use, our

30 years intuitive expertise helps to quickly optimize distinct value in multiple key areas. When all knowledge-assets are clearly known, your company can avoid missed opportunity and maximize potential and success.


The authoritative game changer and subject matter expert CMP in transforming leadership, workforce and company purpose, spiritual intelligence SQ-competency, and the new paradigm of knowledge-sourcing learning models at accelerated higher-conductivity.