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​​​​​​​New Definition Leadership® Intuitive Business Analysis aligns unseen energy-information to anchor opportunities of heightened systems-knowledge leveraging explicit data-analysis. Research and field experience suggests we can eliminate a conservative 20% average expense waste across the top 5 departments in both tangible and intangible savings to process and efficiency, enhancing performance morale, stakeholder improvement, and brand equity, proving a $1M monthly gross revenue impact for many larger companies.

We serve 21st Century Fortune 1000's seeking a critical comparative advantage with expert Intuitive Business Analysis, driving advancement to link vision to actualization, effectively transitioning companies into the next steps of utilizing transformative power at the forefront of organizational development and business enterprise.

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Violet Kashewa, Corporate Intuitive Advisor, is the authoritative figure and subject matter expert on Implicit Business Intelligence Knowledge-Sourcing, SQ-Competency, and Transformational Learning in the Corporate Sector.

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​   "21st Century Knowledge Sourcing" 

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~Jean Rutherford, Corporate Eco-Systems

What if....leaders understood marketplace significance from the power position of their leadership purpose blueprint?

"Leadership Purpose Essentials is the telling of the spiritual life of purpose-driven 21st Century Leaders…walking out routes of redefined relevancy in a global transformational era of consciousness evolution."

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​​New Definition Leadership® Workforce Learning Center participants draw upon all forms of knowledge to support peak discovery and innovation driving shared success opportunities. NDL distinct 24/7 cutting-edge consciousness education programming is up with the times of leadership modeling, corporate training, and knowledge-workforce engagement for the 21st Century. As the expert in Implicit Business Intelligence© we help Fortune 1000 companies make sense of knowledge-sourcing, SQ-competency©, and transformational learning models in a new paradigm of accelerated higher-conductivity©.

With 8-week and 20-week learning intensives at multiple enrollment periods and affordable employee subscription rates, investment is easy. We offer a 15% discount for non-profits, start-ups, women-owned or governed companies, returning workplace veterans and to raise literacy for the underserved.

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Violet Kashewa

   Chief Intuitive Officer


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We offer gateway-to-development progression learning via expert SQ immersion-facilitation and teachings, frameworks, methods, tools, and techniques for leadership and workforce meaning and value creation in print, digital, online, and live events delivery.

  • Activate new paradigm proficiency.
  • Translate implicit business intelligence.
  • Up-level impact and amplitude.
  • Reinvent marketplace significance.

NDL teachings break fractured non-virtuous cycles of learning and advancement through the process of co-creative power activation and articulating impact translation serving to evolve leadership, workforce, and company purpose. We facilitate the corporate body reinvention of marketplace significance

in alignment with the greater needs of society.

New Definition Leadership® serves companies hungry to catalyze inspired new direction, established KM-cultures seeking to expand by explosive up-leveling, and the very impressive populace of millennials expectant of new conceptual ideas and a fresh learning experience.

Our mission...to illuminate a new breed of hungry achievers dedicated to the continuous attainment of new definitions of importance, purpose and possibility at this critical time in history... with a pioneering and reformative approach.