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Violet Kashewa, Corporate Intuitive, is your leadership purpose mastery expert and transformative insight specialist.

She is founder of New Definition Leadership Society.


for the 21st Century


are you ready to change the game... and experience a redefined relevancy of achievement and mastery on the higher-ground of leadership purpose destiny?

New Definition Leadership LLC serves as the leadership purpose  mastery facilitator for the 21st Century!  Our mission is to illuminate and serve a new breed of hungry achievers dedicated to the continuous attainment of new definitions of leadership modeling... importance, purpose and possibility at a critical time in history.                                  Join Our Mailing List!

New Definition LeadershipCorporate Learning Programs unique transformative teachings break non-virtuous cycles of leadership perception, learning and advancement.  We activate self-catalytic actions to bring about destiny fulfillment for everyone involved with the business enterprise.  And so, evolve company purpose. We unlock leadership purpose wisdom inherent in spiritual revelation for conscious, evolutionary, and accelerated leadership distinctions at individual, collective and unified developmental and expression levels(©Kashewa)allowing for a radical new directional congruency.

We ignite an elevated experience that changes lives by re-purposing leadership significance in a clearly redefined route of relevancy.  And reposition visionary voices for the new millennium.  Thus, leaders experience self-actualization in the business community, sowing deepened legacy for future generations.  We infuse wholistic business empowerment frameworks for new paradigmatic organizational and systems learning.  And move leaders into the next steps of "utilizing transformative power at the forefront of organizational development and business enterprise".

New Definition Leadership LLC Intuitive Business Analysis aligns relational relevance and unseen knowledge resource within implicit business intelligence.  We anchor opportunities of heightened systems-knowledge leveraging explicit data-analysis. This positions us for important gains in new benchmarking approaches serving generative outcomes.

Possibility is the new staring point for leadership re-education in the 21st Century!  Leaders have never been here at this right-timing evolutionary juncture.  Today, science validates altogether new energies and physics have become available for use on our planet. This means we are now enabled both at the quantum level of spiritual intelligence (SQ) and ready at the material level for great commissions in leadership purpose that we have never undertaken before.  We have embarked on an altogether new voyage....a super "natural" one.  And there is no turning back!

NDL helps companies build tomorrow's Conscious Workforce America© in alignment with the greater needs of a global citizenship, vested in the undeniable times of new paradigm reality a transformational era of consciousness evolution.

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Our highly-adept expert business intuition and SQ facilitation experts operate at the cutting-edge of extraordinary reality and spiritual intelligence, in the seer realm... issuing relevant actionable prophetic insight.  Get immediate business value.

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